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I want to put this nation on notice…

In my opinion, when the UN is ready to start taking on some rogue nations, it needs an easy trial run. It needs a country that has a long list of old and new crimes against humanity, and it has small armed forces, a country that has a few friends and the leaders have no place to run. In other words, it is an easy target.

I think Myanmar fits this bill. We have all hear about genocide allegations and other horrible crimes against Rohingya people. Rohingya have no citizenship rights in Myanmar, even though some of them have lived there for three generations. Rohingyas are also not allowed to travel without official permission, are banned from owning land and are required to sign a commitment to have no more than two children. Also, we all have seen how they have been displaced, beaten, raped, killed and their homes have been burned down.

Because there is no economic incentive, the rest of the world has pretty much ignored them. Don’t the world politicians ever stop to think with their heart and compassion, how would they feel if their family, children, grandparents would be beaten and raped, and then they would have to run for their lives for days without any food or water to some makeshift camp? What if your innocent child would be killed for religious and racial reasons, wouldn’t you want and pray that the world to come to protect you?

Rohingya people I promise to you that I will do my best to end your suffering and to get your lives back to a better shape they were before this genocide. The world has ignored you for way too long.

Also in the north of Myanmar, there has been an ethnic war going on for years on end. Tens of thousands of people from northern Myanmar now live in refugee camps on the Thai border. This must also stop now.

Myanmar people are gentle and harmonious. It’s a beautiful country. I have been there just before it opened up for the world. I even considered moving there, but it was the almost tangible feeling of fear of the military junta that I didn’t like, so I decided against moving there.

To the Myanmar leaders

I want to let you know that you just might be the first nation on the list, when the gavel hits a desk in the headquarters of the United Nations in New York, and the new law of the land will state that the UN is OBLIGATED to remove and punish all ex- and current leaders of nations that have committed crimes against humanity.

Then there will not be any more any opportunity for “a golden handshake” in which you would retire in your comfortable villas.

All that you ever held dear to your heart will be taken away from you. You property, hidden wealth and the worst, your family will be destitute, and you will go to prison.

You will not be allowed to be free during the trial, and you will be sitting in the same prison, which you put into too many media-, opposition- and Rohingya people.

Murder will never go old, so many of the old cases will be reopened. No one is safe. When Myanmar is temporarily governed by the UN, Myanmar people will feel safe to talk and point a finger to all the evil deeds that have been gone without a penalty. It will be one lengthy trial, with hundreds of junta leaders and police going to prison for a very long time.

The UN will mainly go after the top brass of the military and the police. Lower rank people were ordered to do the evil deeds. They didn’t have a choice. Lower rank people will be pardoned especially if they help the UN inspectors to find higher rank culprits.

The UN needs to make the first country it goes after as an example, and punish its leaders as harsh as possible so that all other leaders of the world take notice and would never ever commit another crime against their own people.

When the UN sends China’s army from the north, Indian army from the west, Thai army from the east, US Navy from the sea and the Russian air force keeps the sky clear, where are you going to run?

As much as I would like to see Myanmar military and police leaders to get punished for the crimes they have committed against Rohingyas, northern tribes, opposition, and media people, I want to offer them a way out free.

If the Myanmar leaders first show that they are serious about peace; by stopping all new military operations and crimes in the north of Myanmar and also against the Rohingyas; I can help the leaders to broker a deal so that they will walk free. But the clock is ticking, longer the leaders wait, the tougher the deal will be.

You may ask how I can broker a deal for you? Just trust me, I have a brilliant plan for how we will get it done. We can together give a rebirth your lovely nation and make it free and great for ALL the people in Myanmar.

I am waiting…

Timo Ylä-Soininmäki

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A group of Rohingya children who fled from oppression in Myanmar are seen at Leda Camp in Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, on Oct. 11.

Hamida, a Rohingya refugee woman, cries as she holds her 40-day-old son, who died as a boat capsized on the shore of Shah Porir Dwip, in Teknaf, Bangladesh, on Sept. 14. Reuters photographer Mohammad Ponir Hossain.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.