World Peace Now


The ever so elusive World Peace is attainable. We just have been going after it the wrong way. We have been trying to talk sense to our leaders and the UN, but that will never work.

There is a way to achieve World Peace by We The People power. Together we can gently FORCE our politician around the world to reform the United Nations, so that it will be the world’s leader and the police. This will eventually lead to World Peace, real freedom and the basic life necessities for all the people in the world.

From impending climate catastrophe, many wars to the renewed assault on working class living standards, we don’t have time to waste on the status quo, lesser evils, and token reforms in the UN. We must tear it totally apart and rebuild it from scratch to a world leader it can become.

Below you find the most important part of the plan. The rest of the plan is in this PDF that you can download here…


WE THE PEOPLE CAN FORCE THE WORLD TO ACHIEVE A LASTING PEACE by forcing the nations of the world to reform the United Nations the following way

  • The UN will be totally gutted and rebuilt to be streamlined and efficient.
  • It will be reformed to be the world’s real leader and the police. 
  • The UN and all of its member nations are obligated to protect any nation that is attacked. All wars stop here!
  • The UN will be in charge over the world’s’ nuclear-, chemical- and biological arms reduction program.
  • In 10-20 years, only the UN will have major armed forces. At the beginning the UN will lease armed forces for any armed conflict it is forced to fight, from the countries that now have large armed forces. 
  • The UN Security Council, veto rights and all similar power structures will be abolished.
  • One country – one vote – majority wins.
  • The UN will have the power and mandate to resolve any conflicts, stop wars, and to get rid of, by force if necessary of any tyrants in the world who hurt  their fellow citizens. The UN will also be leader in combating terrorism. 
  • The UN and all of its member nations are obligated protect any nation that is attacked. All wars stop here!
  • The UN will make rules and laws as how every nation must treat their citizens.
  • The UN will govern over major international trade, pollution, global warming, nature and animal protection issues.

The big powerful nations of the world have been trying to solve the world’s problems with very limited results, simply because they never ever try to solve anything, but to PROTECT THEIR OWN INTEREST! This is the gist of why nothing ever get resolved in the world. Now it will be the New and improved United Nations’ turn to finally resolve all of them once and for all.

How can we achieve this huge world changing UN reform?

By starting a massive email revolution and major social media campaign, in which people around the world are encouraged to email to all of their current and future city-, county-, state- and national representatives something like this:

Dear political candidate or elected official, I want to let you know that in order to get my vote in the next elections, you must be willing to make a public announcement that you support the UN reform and if an opportunity ever arises during your career, you will vote for it. In other words; you promise that you will do your best to make the UN reform reality. Thank You.

When enough people around the world will do this, then the politicians will realize that unless they support the UN reform they will not get re-elected, or elected in the first place.

This is not a one off, but when we keep this pressure on with emails and in the social media and  also in mainstream media long enough that all politicians from local city level all the way to the presidents will be FORCED to get behind the idea of the reform. Then surely, it’s only a matter of time before the reform becomes a reality.

One great point is that people around the world can do conduct this revolution FROM THE COMFORT OF THEIR OWN HOME, and practically no cost involved. How could ANY decent person say no to this? Say no to sending a few repeat emails a week! And the people who want to get more involved, and there will be thousands of those; they can print posters, create FB groups and to promote this as many ways and as much as they please.

The best part is that the politicians don’t have to do that much either. All they would have to do do, is to declare that they support the UN reform on their FB page and in media. Even this part is extremely easy. No traveling to meetings around the world, no votings, no agreements, no public events or appearances…. nothing. How could ANY decent politician say not to this?

We don’t have to win every single countries’ support. I am sure that the majority of the countries in the world will want this. After we have 75% of them, then those countries can demand a vote in the UN about the reform. Of course now in power countries will resist it, but what can they do, if most countries in the world want the reform. They will yield!

Once We The People get the UN reform accomplished, then we can use the same formula to force the politicians to pass many other beneficial laws for the humanity, nature and the world harmony.

The easiest way to get this email revolution going is to find some influential person or peace organization with enough clout to be able to contact a few celebrities who are peace activist like: Bob Geldof, Paul McCartney, Yoko Ono, Ringo Star, Bono, Angelica Jones, Opra, Orlando Bloom, Emma Watson, Kristin Davis, Anne Hathaway, Priynka Chopra, Cate Blanchett, Katy Perry, Serena Williams, Gidele Bundchen, Serena Gomez, Nicole Kidman, David and Victoria Becham, Shakira, Sharah Jessica Parker etc., and to get them on board with this idea.

Celebrities, sport stars, musician and other influential and famous people are utmost critical part of this plan!

Just think how easily the above stars could energize their own fan base with a few media comments. Other celebrities in their own countries would follow and spread it to their fans. This way it could go through the world in no time. This plan needs ONE right person to get it going.

That short text above is the main part of my plan. Extremely simple, yet extremely powerful. The plan cost hardly any money and very little effort to put it in motion.


I admit that if I would get an email, which claims that someone has figured an easy way to achieve world peace; I would not even read that email. So I am no blaming you if you doubt this. 

Actually I was pointed out by an expert campaign strategist that in order for a campaign to be ATTRACTIVE, the Objectives, Activities and Resources need to seem to be in balance. If all three are not in balance, people will then draw their own (negative) conclusions.

My plan is not in balance; it’s lagging credibility.

But then think about it, how can any single person say with authority and credibility that they really have a workable plan for achieving world peace, since many smart people and organizations have not gotten even close to it, and they have been at it for decades. No one person in this world has that much credibility!

This situation is similar to 1962 when President Kennedy delivers these famous words: “We choose to go to the Moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard…” And even though he was the president of ever so powerful United States of America; it still was a huge leap of faith for him, NASA and the whole nation.

To achieve real lasting world peace requires similar leap of faith.

Achieving lasting World Peace is going to be even greater leap for the humankind, than what Neil Armstrong took when he landed his foot on the surface of the moon.

Are willing to take a leap of faith, and at least READ the plan PDF with open mind. That’s all I ask of you. Thank You.

I am willing to support any feasible plan to get the UN reformed and to achieve the world peace, but there just isn’t any. We have tried for decades already and there is not any meaningful improvement. I have a simple plan that at least has some chance of succeeding. Don’t we owe it to ourselves and the future generations that we at least try it? Since, should it work, it really would give us a world that is free of all wars, and it would give tens of millions of people basic necessities of life. It really could deliver us, the paradise that this world could be!

I do need Your help in fine tuning and distributing this plan to your social media friends, blogs, web pages, media etc. and also contact all of your current and future public officials and elected politicians. Please do your part for the World Peace!

Let’s do it, let’s finally transform the world!

Timo Ylä-Soininmäki  

1.The rest of the plan and also FAQ section is in this PDF here… 

2.  Here is the first country, which leaders the UN should put out of killing business…

4. Here are some ideas from other people as how to solve the world’s many critical problems. Send in your own ideas

About the author: I am originally from Finland, but lived about 22 years in Los Angeles as a successful custom furniture manufacturer with my brother. We employed over 80 people. 2002 I left LA behind and since have written a few books: Emotional Wealth and Comprehensive Succes. Also worked as a business consultant. Last few years I have been working on new governing system: New Value Based Democracy and have written two ebooks about it. Reforming the UN and World Peace are my latest passion. I am also a stock market, gold and cryptocurrency trader and investor. I split my time between Finland and Thailand. (And to make it clear, I am not seeking for any money for myself or donations for the cause. )

PS Do you want to translate this information into your own language? If you do, I and the world will greatly appreciate that. I can put that information on to my website here, or if you want to, you can set up a simple website on your own. You could put the translated texts there, discussion forum, email addresses of politicians in your country and all kinds of interesting information about world peace etc. You could even earn good money with it, from advertizing. Let me know if this is something you are interested in. I will help you anyway I can, thanks.