World Peace Now

Welcome to the World of Peace, Harmony,
and Goodwill for All

There has never been one comprehensive and doable plan to fix all the world’s problems until now. What I am proposing here could help us to solve all the MAJOR issues and problems the world is currently facing such as wars, famine, inequality, pollution, rainforest destruction, global warming, human trafficking, unruly tyrants, terrorism, lack of fundamental freedoms and human rights, and economic slavery to all other major catastrophes and problems that may arise in the future.

 If we could start afresh, would we choose this same global governing system that we have now? Or do you think that we will be able to save the world from the constant turmoil, uncertainty, and wars by trying to fix it a little bit here and there?

We are beyond token improvements! We must develop a new IMPARTIAL governing system to combat all the current and possible future problems before something bad, irreversible, happens!

Even if things stay the way they are now in the world, shouldn’t we try to do better? Shouldn’t we at least try to leave this world in a better shape for our children? Shouldn’t we aim to create a paradise that the world was meant to be?

I understand that in today’s complicated world, any plan is a long shot for world peace and fixing all the other problems that we have, but at least this idea has the POTENTIAL of delivering all that and MUCH more. And the best part is that it wouldn’t take that much to put it in motion. Most of the action will be done by volunteers!

We just keep talking about world peace and fixing all the problems we have, but never seriously attempt to fix the major problems. Don’t we owe it to ourselves and the future generations that we at least TRY to stop the wars, famine, tyrants, destruction of nature, and all the other MAJOR problems that we are facing? We can’t just sit back and keep pretending that we are doing something worthwhile for this planet? Because we are not. We are destroying this world and our lives faster than most people realize!

This idea WILL CHANGE the world because it will be implemented by ordinary people, not by politicians. Politicians will just be the means to the end.

  • The plan needs more ideas; YOUR IDEAS.
  • The plan needs the right people behind it.
  • We need a plan of action and a launch.
  • The rest will be history!

Don’t underestimate the power of an idea whose time has come.

The first 15 pages of this PDF explain the main idea.
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