Here you can find additional ideas as to how we can help this planet and its inhabitants.

After the UN has been reformed the climate for adopting new ideas will be much better; actually, it will be great…. welcoming. Now the old guard is against anything new, radical or untried ideas because they want to keep the old power structures untouched. Any change is a threat to them. They want to stay in power. Cryptocurrencies are a good example of this; many central and normal banks around the world and even governments are against them and are desperately trying to either to ban them or to control them. They hate the idea of losing control of the monetary supply.

Send me your ideas of how to improve on animal and nature protection, climate change, pollution issues, world economy, education systems, health care, unemployment, homeless, the UN, what to do with unemployed army personnel and arms manufacturers’ workers, how to reduce arm and especially nukes, etc. how to deal with unruly dictators, what to do about terrorism, famine, economic slavery, aid programs, etc.

I want you to start thinking about the world as an empty canvas. The canvas that we can collectively paint any which way we want. Just think about how great that will be when we can take all the major problems and injustices of the world and make them right. When all decisions are made so that they are good for all involved, not just the ruling party and rich.

Please send your ideas, Thank You, Timo


Here is a great idea from Simon Thorpe, how to save the world.

Saving the World – by fixing the economy. Where can we find $100 billion a year to fight climate change? Easy – a 0.001% on all Electronic Financial Transactions. The COP23 meeting is currently running in Bonn. Among the main questions – how can we raise the $100 billion a year that is needed to combat climate change, especially since Trump’s decision to effectively pull out of the deal. There’s an incredibly simple …

Read more about his plan here.


New Value-based Democracy – NVBD – Imagine the world without politicians!

NVBD is a new model of government for Finland and other countries around the world. Democracy, which is not based on any political or religious ideology or any other -ism, but common sense, true people power, and basic human values. It’s neutral governance. Its main principle is to serve Finland and its citizens, not the political parties, the power elite or the big money.

Also, this idea will be much easier to sell to different countries a few years after the UN reform is finished. Now there just isn’t any interest in a radical change like this. 

Here you can read a summary of it in a few different languages: