New Value-based Democracy – NVBD – Imagine the world without politicians!

NVBD is a new model of government for Finland and other countries around the world. Democracy, which is not based on any political or religious ideology or any other -ism, but common sense, true people power, and basic human values. It’s neutral governance. Its main principle is to serve Finland and its citizens, not the political parties, the power elite or big money.

The current democratic political governance model has come to its end

It has served us quite well, but nowadays the wrong kinds of people want to be our leaders. Before people who had a more pure desire to serve their motherland entered into politics and government jobs. But today our leaders’ main qualification is being a rich, famous or good looking media personality. In other words; today narcissistic, huge ego, fame, and power hungry people get into politics and government workforce.

Politicians are not able to fix the modern society’s highly complex problems.

If the world’s wisest economists don’t know how to solve our current problems, how can we assume that often surprisingly little educated politicians could fix the huge economic, social and financial issues we are facing? We need leaders (senators etc.) who are educated and have long work experience in their field. Now all they know is how to play politics.

NVBD-model is run in the same manner as big corporations or organizations are

Just as in the private sector, the top positions of the government would be highly educated and dedicated people. The new architecture for the government would have all the ministries etc. as we have now, but they would be filled with people who are professionals in their own area of service. There would not be elections, but our leaders would be hired the same way as any business hires help. There would be new value-based rules and regulations that the government workers would follow. The main idea is that every decision would be made for the good of the country and its people, not for the political parties or big money!

No more constant political fighting

In the new system, there will not be constant political wrangling, political parties sabotaging each other, making favors, shady deals, lobbying, big money pressure or corruption. Professional public servants will be making sensible decisions. Also, the government would be reduced to as small as possible.

Money and business

This is not to forget about money and business. We need both to run this world. In this new model, many of the laws, regulations, and taxes that hinder business would be eliminated. Let the business do what it does best without unnecessary laws and government interference. We need healthy capitalism. Today’s capitalism is far from healthy.

United Nations

We must strengthen the UN so that it’s capable of putting countries (tyrant leaders etc.) who hurt their citizens back in order. There are too many examples, in which we let tyrants kill and starve their own people. Too many religious wars, in which hundreds of thousands of innocent people are hacked to death. If the UN could hire an army from USA, England, etc. and forcefully go to a few problem countries, and the international court would throw the leaders in jail. The rest of the tyrants would change their ways fast because they would not want to end up in jail. Now tyrants have hardly any fear of facing prosecution.

If you look at any problem country, which has wars, famine, rebellion, etc. for example in Africa, there is always a tyrant and his court that don’t care about the people. They steal the oil etc. revenue to themselves. We must finally put a stop to all the wars and suffering in the world, which politicians, tyrants, and religions cause.

Two questions to ponder

Isn’t it true that practically all the world’s problems are caused by politics or big money?

Isn’t it true that practically all of the problems are caused by politicians, business leaders, and the citizens who have poor values?

If the above is true, then the only way to fix this is by removing the politicians and by teaching people healthy values.

How can this be done?

We have a plan for how to accomplish this, but it is impossible to explain it all in this limited space. One key point is that as you know our current political model draws to itself people who share the values, morals, and ambitions of our current leaders; in other words; totally wrong kind of people. We don’t need more leaders with big egos, greed and senseless direction who are in the pockets of big businesses. We need people whos a dream is to serve his and her country. If a country’s government is healthy and based on ethical values, it will draw the right kind of people to it.

A local leader was troubled by the number of thieves, and asked Confucius, a Chinese philosopher who lived 500 BC. for advice. Confucius replied to him, “If you yourself were not so greedy, the people could not be paid to steal.” This saying points out our current situation; if our leaders are corrupt and without good values, so is the whole country.

We escape from action through ideology

There cannot be a world transformation, a revolution, as long as the action is based on ideas; because action then is merely reaction; therefore ideas become much more important than action, and that is precisely what is taking place in the world, isn’t it? To act, we must discover the impediments that prevent action. But most of us don’t want to act, that is our difficulty. We prefer to discuss, we prefer to substitute one ideology for another, and so we escape from action through ideology. – Krishnamurti, Collected Works, Vol. VI,54,Action

As Krishnamurti says, there is always a danger that anybody who is trying to create transformational change in the world will end up just replacing the current system with a new system that will soon be just as corrupted as the old one. Arab spring is a good example of that. Because there was no real change for the better in the values of the new leaders, nothing has changed. Now they just have new tyrants trying to steal the power and enslave the people. This is why our leaders and governance must be politically and religiously as neutral as possible.

– People’s representatives, senators, and ministers, etc. will be selected by their resume. All representatives will be required to have extensive work experience and education to their particular field of work. No longer can someone become a minister just because of political connection or by being a charismatic media personality.

– Direct democracy will be used as much as possible. Direct democracy (also known as pure democracy) is a form of democracy in which people decide/vote policy initiatives directly. Direct democracy has been used successfully in Switzerland and California.

– The public will have a veto right to overturn any government decision. After collecting a certain amount of names, citizens can challenge the government rulings by direct voting. This way the public can control and make sure that the government will not go to an unwanted direction. All voting will happen via the internet so that it’s convenient for the people.

– Ministers and top brass of the government will not be (unnecessarily) in the media. Spoke persons would communicate with media. No more fame hungry politician in the evening news.

– All the government’s departments and programs will be examined, streamlined and cleaned. As we all know, all governments have a lot of inefficiency and duplicate programs. Also in the NVBD-model government workers are accountable and must perform as in the private sector. No more unnecessary government waste.

– Freedom is a big part of the NVBD-model. All the laws will be re-examined. As people learn to respect the new values, many laws can be done away with. If our values are better, we need fewer laws. Also, businesses will have fewer unnecessary laws to hinder them.

– New (old) values will be taught to children and adults, including the government workers and leaders. If you compare for example Finland to Afghanistan, you can see that it’s the values of the government (and religion) that directs the country. In Finland, basic values still are harmony, welfare for all, equal rights, education for all, etc. and that show up it the reality Finland lives in. But if you look at Afghanistan’s values, they are the opposite of Finland’s values and so is the country. So re-teaching and strengthening good values is the key to prosperity and a good life for the individuals and the whole country.

We can re-educate people to contempt greediness, money hunger and nothing is enough mentality. It’s what we teach to our kids that create the future. It’s time to teach good old fashion values again. (Even though Finland still has pretty healthy basic values, they are slowly deteriorating.)

What are the values we go by in today’s world? Greed, money, fame, power, materialism, etc. Are these values going to take us in the right direction or the wrong direction? If we get the politician out of the way, we can surprisingly easy create societies that are based on values like true human equality, sensible decision making, better income equality, good and free healthcare and education for all. We need an education system that teaches people what they want to learn, and not only to be a cog on and society’s wheel.

We can have healthy capitalism, in which profits are shared more equally. This does not have to be income redistribution. If people are happy, study and work in their dream professions, the company profits are going to soar. There will be enough money for all. Now only a few percents of the people work on their dream jobs. If people work in jobs that they hate, it causes burnouts, workplace sickness, overall unhappiness and also lower profits for the company. This can be easily fixed for the better, by letting people find their own calling.


The beauty of the NVBD-model is that if we don’t have politicians wasting tax revenue and have professional people governing us, then the whole society works and runs much better. If the government, entrepreneurs and workers are all working towards one common goal, then the productivity goes up, and the whole country can flourish.

Now the whole society functions like rats in a compost heap. We are all selfishly and greedily fighting for breadcrumbs. But when we work as a team, we can get better results with less work. When people are allowed to do their dream job, be genuinely free and be an essential part of the society, not just a slave, then they will be willing to work for the common good.

NVBD-model will not diminish our material wealth but will bring us more material and emotional wealth. It can create unprecedented prosperity, peace, and happiness for all individuals, businesses and countries.

Time is running out

Confucius also said: “If truly effective people were put in charge of governing for a hundred years, they would be able to overcome violence and dispense with killing altogether.” This saying applies to today’s world too. But do we have a hundred years, is the question?

We don’t have much time left to correct the problems of the world. If we lose the rest of our values, then there is no coming back. Then the world must go through anarchy and total destruction phase before it can rise again, as it has done countless times before. So far all the major civilizations before have met the same fate that is waiting for us, unless we come to our senses soon. We are fast moving to that direction. Do we want to go there?

Our politicians are not going to save us from a long and hard recession that might be coming to our way soon. Any slowdown in the economy can easily lead to major upheaval all over the world. Today’s people are not going peacefully accept their dire situation, but they are going to riot and take all they want by force. We can already see signs of that in riots in different countries; everything gets looted and destroyed. Do we really want to go through this kind of upheaval?

There is still time to do something. We have NVBD-model that can serve as a starting point to a better, peaceful and happy world for all of us. Send us a message if you are interested in learning more. We need to start a new value revolution all over the world!


All this may sound like utopia, but it isn’t. If you think about the Soviet Union breaking up, China moving closer to capitalism, the birth of EU and most recent Arab spring, they are all examples of big change that happen pretty fast. They all are also good examples that if the values of the new leaders don’t change, then nothing changes. Especially in Arab spring countries, normal people have been forgotten already. New people fight for power. Values must change, and then the country can change.


Question is; can you imagine a world, in which we work in jobs that are our calling, business owners and workers work for the common good, governments work for the people, and we all are happy, selfless and ready to do our part for the common good? If you can, then we can create it!

When people feel genuinely free, and as if they matter more than just being cogs (slaves) on the wheel of society, they will happily work and do their part for society. It still is the people power that runs the world.

We realize that the big countries of the world will no adopt NVBD-idea right away, but if we get some smaller countries to try it, then the other countries could follow the suit as has happened with democracy. Also, NVBD-model could be introduced in steps. Important is to get it rolling.

Suomen Ystävät, Friends of Finland organization, is no-profit, independent and nonpartisan. It does not follow any political ideology or religious orientation. It does not collect any membership fees or ask for a donation. We only want the good of Finland and the world.

Value revolution is looking for doers!

Let’s do it… let’s change the world!

More powerful than the might of all the armies on Earth is an idea whose time has come. – Victor Hugo.

Please send your own ideas for making this world a better place.

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